MEOW! – Kitty Simply Strolls Into Police Department And Begins Posing …

SOUTH CAROLINA – An absolutely adorable white and black cat has a new home after wandering into one of the Columbia Police Department’s stations.

Rumor actually has it that the kitty – who has since been given the named Kingsley – managed to hear officers like to meow during traffic stops (just kidding!). So, kitty just wandered into the West Region’s headquarters, where it cuddled up with several officers and even posed for a selfie.

Kingsley, apparently, wanted to let the Columbia’s officers know that their Facebook account administrator was posting too many dog pictures and desperately needed to show cats some love, according to the department’s post.

Officer Brandon Montgomery, who decided to adopt Kingsley, explained that the kitten had been sneaking into the department’s offices for several days before he took him home to his family. A vet informaed Montgomery that Kingsley, a boy, was about four to five months old.

Montgomery, who is a school resource officer who has been working at the department for five years, already has a full house: a dog, two other cats and two children under the age of 2.

“(Kingsley is) getting along really well with the dog,” Montgomery stated. “Our other cats have met him under controlled circumstances. We’re slowly introducing each of them to each other. They’re being normal cats, so they hiss and puff.”

Kingsley is also the second cat Montgomery and his wife ended up adopting from the streets. Their first cat was adopted from an organization, he stated. They have posted on Facebook groups to see if someone claims Kingsley, who sadly, was not micro-chipped.

It does appear, though, that the cuddly kitty has indeed found his new home.

Photo credits: The Columbia Police Department │