Boy Sends Adorable Wedding Invitation To His Neighbor Because His Cat Is …

The weather sure is getting warmer, the days are getting sunnier, flowers are blooming, lambs are gamboling around and love is truly in the air.

What we imagine the happy couple will look like on the big day

And wedding season has begun.

The attraction of having your big day take place during the spring and summer months is no mystery.

And it’s not just people who somehow see the allure of tying the knot while the weather is pleasant. Apparently, cats do also! More or less!

One child, named Brady, decided it was time his cat, Silver, made things official with his/her paramour, whose name is Pedro, who belongs to someone called Vivian.

Not only that, but he decided to go head and invite the neighbors to share in Silver and Pedro’s joy.

The adorable invite reads as follows: “You are welcome to come to Silver (Brady’s cat) wedding.

“Silver will be marrying Pedro (Vivian’s cat).”

“There’ll also be tuna cake, which we’re not familiar with, but we assume is a feline delicacy”.

A photo of the invitation was uploaded on Reddit by its delighted recipient.

Brady goes on to say: “Silver and Pedro are going to be dressed up nicely, but… If you do come you do not have to dress up nicely but you can if you want.”

“RSVP yes”?

Having shared the invite, others are now clearly keen for the neighbor to attend the wedding – and then report back.

To everyone’s delight, the neighbor has agreed to go, saying: “Will post updates. Will dress fancy.”

What an amazing kid!