Brand New Start For Kitten Who Had Several Severe Injuries to Heal From!

Monty recovering from his injuries

Monty recovering from his injuries

A tiny, frightened kitten found cowering in a bin store with two broken legs is now enjoying a new lease of life – thanks to help from a Haywards Heath veterinary student.

Little Monty weighed less than 4lbs and he spent two weeks in intensive care at an animal hospital after his ordeal – but he’s now living in the lap of luxury across the Channel in France.

Monty found his creme de la creme home with some help from Royal Veterinary College student Kathryn Turner – who knew as soon as she saw little Monty that her retired grandparents, who moved to France in 2003, would just simply love him.

She stated: “My grandparents wanted a cat, when I saw Toby – now called Monty – I knew he was perfect for them.”

An X-ray showing little Monty's horrific injuries

An X-ray showing little Monty’s horrific injuries

When Monty was first discovered in the bin store, X-rays revealed that the tiny kitten had a fractured pelvis, toe injuries and both his hind legs were broken.

RSPCA vet Cat Wood operated to carefully pin the broken bones back together in painstaking and tedious surgery.

As he gradually got back to health, Kathryn officially adopted Monty through the RSPCA before transferring her ownership over to her grandmother. She then made the 600 mile trip from her home in Haywards Heath taking Monty with her by car.

She stated: “Monty was a brilliant passenger. He was perfectly happy, it looked like it was a journey he made all the time. There were a few tears of joy when we arrived and Monty made himself straight at home. He’s settled in so well.”

Katy’s grandmother Maureen Raffell concluded: “He has settled in wonderfully. The other cats in the village are probably trying to teach him French. We absolutely adore him.”