Brave Homeless Kitten Stops Couple and Politely Asks If She Can …

This lost homeless kitten was walking around a dirt road all alone and her mama was nowhere to be found.

Luckily, though, the kitten spotted a couple walking toward her and knew exactly what to do: beg the pair to take her home!

As Imgur user abbiabbiabbiabbi went on to explain, they thought the wee one would try to run away when they got close. However, the homeless kitten must have known they were safe because she let them pick her right up!

They took the kitten home and proceeded to give her a warm bath and some much-needed food.

As all cat lovers know – sometimes you adopt a cat but other times, they adopt you!

She had a lip and gum injury that looked like road rash, however, it was said that she will recover just fine. The couple decided to name her Tiger Lily and say that she is going to be safe and content from now on!

What a heart-warming story!

Image source: abbiabbiabbiabbi/Imgur │ via: