Bubbles The Cross-eyed Cat Is Rescued From A Feral Pack Of …

NEW JERSEY – A hungry and cross-eyed cat has been rescued from a feral pack and then coaxed back to health before she was lovingly adopted into a family home.

Bubbles was a complete and utter mess when she arrived at Tabby’s Place, a sanctuary and rescue for cats in Ringoes, which is located New Jersey.

This poor feral cat was starving to death and looked quite strange because her pupils were too close to her nose.

They also described her as ‘kind of nasty’ and would regularly lash out at staff in the shelter.

‘She hid in the corner and when you tried to touch her she would scratch you,’ Leigh Covello, who is a volunteer with Tabby’s Place and an experienced veterinary technician, stated.

As a result, it seemed highly unlikely that anyone would ever be able to truly love such a misfit cat.

The cat, however, who is approximately three years old, had good reason to be so defensive. In her colony of feral cats, she was undoubtedly the underdog. The other cats picked on her and barely even let her eat when good Samaritans dropped off food for the colony.

It’s possible that Bubbles was also a bit disoriented because of irregularities in her vision so she would lash out.

Bubbles slowly grew accustomed to her new life at the sanctuary, but at first, she still wouldn’t let people get near her.

She managed to befriend a cat named Reggie, but when Reggie was adopted, once again Bubbles was alone.

She was obviously quite depressed, according to Covello, so the kind-hearted volunteer, who saw something very special in the cross-eyed cat, decided that perhaps Bubbles would benefit from a change of scene.

Even though Covello had never managed to even touch her, she decided to temporarily take her to her home.

‘I thought she had potential to be an adoptable cat,’ Covello added. ‘So we got approved to foster her.’

Covello brought Bubbles home and kept her in a totally separate room, apart from the other cats of the house, while she adjusted.

‘I was afraid we’d never see her,’ Covello recalled.

However, the Covello family all pitched in to help Bubbles feel comfortable.

‘We spent a lot of time sitting in the room with her and talking to her.’

Soon it became crystal clear that Bubbles wasn’t about to go anywhere and the Covello family has officially and happily adopted her.

‘Once she got here she never left,’ Covello concludes: ‘It’s been such a pleasure to see her come out of her shell.’

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