Calico Kitten Found “Thrown Out Like Trash” in Upper Darby!

UPPER DARBY, PENNSYLVANIA. — The Providence Animal Center in Delaware County now wants to know who apparently threw a calico kitten out in the trash.

The little three-week old female kitten only weighs almost 12 ounces and can barely eat on her own. She was found by trash collectors in Upper Darby inside a bag with paint on her fur.

“They emptied a trash can in the back of the truck, the bag started moving, and out comes this kitten,” Ron Riggle of Providence Animal Center stated. “This kitten could not have gotten into the place it was in on its own. It’s a helpless little kitten, and somebody decided to just throw it away and we just can’t throw away animals.”

Animal center staffers have named her Grundgetta, after the girlfriend of Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street. They are now looking for a foster home for Grundgetta, as well as looking for the person who tossed her out.