Calico Kitten “Squashed” in Reclining Sofa is ‘A Little Fighter’!

UNITED KINGDOM – A tiny calico kitten who was injured after being squashed in the back of a reclining sofa may never quite be the same again.

The kitten, whose been named Squishy by Cats Protection (CP) volunteers, suffered severe spinal nerve damage after the incident.

Incredibly, though, the young animal received no broken bones, but vets believe she may also have a form of dwarfism.


After being told of the potential costs involved with treatment, the kitten’s previous owners decided to sign her over to CP’s care.

Squishy’s foster carer, who wishes to remain anonymous and is caring for the kitten at her home in Hemel, explained: “She’s an absolute delight and a little fighter. The vet says she is not in any pain.

“That was important to me, knowing that she would still have a quality of life because I didn’t want to put her through anything if she wouldn’t be pain-free.

“We have to do a lot of physio with her, but it’s working. She’s started walking on her back legs.

“She’s wobbly, but there is some feeling there.

“We doubt she will ever have full mobility and for that reason, she’ll have to be an indoor cat.”


It is believed Squishy is only about five weeks old, which means she was taken away from her mum and siblings way too early. CP recommend rehoming kittens at nine weeks at the earliest.

Currently Squishy is not able to use the litter box at all and so, her fosterer is providing her with puppy training pads as well as bathing her throughout the day.

It is everyone’s hope that she will be rehomed at some point in the future but for now, this little lady has a long road to recovery.

The full extent of the damage to Squishy’s hind legs will not be known until she grows up a bit, but the Hemel Hempstead and Berkhamsted branch of the CP has set up an online fund for donations towards Squishy’s ongoing care, and any operations she may have: