Notice How Calico Cats Are Almost Always Female? Here’s Why!

Calico cats are a domestic breed with a unique pattern on their coat. They are usually white with 2 other colors. The term Calico describes their fur pattern. The strange thing about Calico cats is that they’re predominantly female. According to the Humane Society, only one in three Calico cats are male.

The reason lies in their genes. The sex chromosomes in these cats works in the same way as humans.

The color of the cat’s fur is dominated by the X chromosome and in order for the cat to be a Calico, it needs to have both black and orange genes.

Most male Calico cats get their fur color from their mother, so predicting their color is very easy.

Male Calicos are rarely suffering from health complications because they’re rare. However, a research has found that they can suffer from malformed sex organs. They are usually sterile as well.

If you own a male Calico cat, you should know that your kitty is truly unique!