Can You Spot The Cats in Their Sneaky Hiding Places?

Cats are notoriously aloof pets who often enjoy their alone time.

And that often means finding a discreet spot to curl up in – away from the eyes of owners keen to shower their furry friends with affection.

Now animal lovers who have caught on to their house cats’ habit of hiding have been snapping photos and sharing the results on Twitter using this hashtag: #spotthecat.

From nestling in a heap of laundry to disguising themselves in a group of cuddly toys, the kitties featured below will go to great lengths to avoid company.

You might even struggle to locate a few of them.

Good luck!

Spot the cat: People have been taking to Twitter this week to post pictures of their cats hiding around their homes. This moggy is cleverly disguised among a pile of clothes on the bed

an you see the ears? Somebody spotted their cat hiding high up on the kitchen cupboards

Bit of a giveaway: One furry feline didn’t realise that part of their body was sticking out from underneath the pillow

Where are they? A black cat managed to disguise itself with a black sheet in the garden

They’re there somewhere: A cat has managed to blend into a dark pile of clothing ready to be washed

I can still see you: A cat attempted to hide under a blanket but were spotted by their owner

Which one is real? Hidden among the soft cuddly toys is a real-life cuddly cat

Blending in: The owners must have regretted getting a white-furred cat with white bedding

Let’s play spot the cat: One owner asked people on Twitter to find her cat in the garden

Sneaking around: A cat looked unhappy to have been found in their hiding place

Feeling brave: One cat decided they disliked people so much that they climbed a tree in an attempt to get away

There he is! Benson the cat opted for hiding behind the plant pot when they wanted to take a nap

Cat cam: Somewhere in this idyllic picture hides a black cat waiting to be spotted

There they are! With their eyes glowing, a cat was spotted hiding on the stairs of their home

Afraid of the sun: One cat decided to keep cool in the shade and blended in with the plants around them

It’s going to be a long night: One owner jokingly suggested that they’ll be up all night searching for their cat