Can You Spot The Cats In These Pictures?

You know that cats can do anything, even the things you can’t imagine them doing. Recently, a man decided to give his kitties a challenge and they’ve certainly won it. These “ninja” kittens really blended great with their environment and it’s difficult to spot them. They’re purrfectly camouflaged, once against showing that a cat can do anything if its given the chance.

1. Spot the kitty. Yes, there is a kitty in this picture, if you didn’t know till now.

2. Should we switch on the TV? Maybe then the kitty will come out from its hiding place. Do you have any other ideas going on in your mind to find the kitty.

3. The other kitties were sleeping, so this one decided to get some rest as well. Be careful, don’t step on the kitty.

4. It’s award time and the winner is our lovely little fur ball.

5. Look at the lovely doggo. Now look a little more carefully and you will know about our lovely little fur ball as well.

6. Just so you know there is a kitty in this picture. Now, you must we wondering why we would say that, but don’t worry you will know in time.

7. This kitty is in love with the bear. Wait a minute, which kitty? Go find it out yourself.

8. Just when we thought we found the kitty, we lost her again. This lovely black and white furry friend loves to play hide and seek. And he is best when it comes to hiding.

9. There are three pillows here. We are sorted for the night. But wait are these actually what we are thinking they are. Help us find the answer.

10. This one got tired of hiding, so here he is resting in her sweet little place. Go away. Don’t disturb her now. It’s time to catch onto some sleep.