Losing A Cat Is Just Like Losing A Friend And Here Is Why

As most of you know, losing someone close is pretty difficult. No matter if it’s a friend, family member or a pet, losing someone hurts. The list includes pets – if you have one, you know that bringing a cat or dog in home means welcoming a new family member. Cats may not show their love like dogs, but you can bet that they do love you.

They will comfort you when you’re down and won’t mind if they look stupid doing it. Here’s a collection of cat pics that have been accepted as family members and will be remembered by their owners forever:

Leaving a kitty is like losing a part of your soul. You know that in times of distress, your kitty has helped you cheer up and face everything with a strong heart.

Dave was loved by his hoomans. But they didn’t expect that the kitty would leave so soon.

Cat doesn’t have to be good to be loved. They will be loved no matter how they behave. They know that their hoomans understand them really well.

Remembering your kitty by little tokens is all you can do after she has left. It’s never easy to stay without your closest and best person.

You need not worry if you are leaving your kitty with your children. They will never harm them, but only ensure that they are safe and happy.

When you love your kitty, you stop caring about what others feel. You do what you have to do even if that includes holding a funeral for your kitty.

He knew that even if no one is around, the feline creature will be always around to take care of everything.

It doesn’t matter how much time has passes since the time your kitty left you, the fur ball will always stay alive in your heart.