Can You Spot The Hidden Cat In Each Of These Photos?

Cats are indeed born escape artists and they’re masters of camouflage – take this little guy whose escape from its owner’s home last week, causing quite a stir on the Brazilian internet:

(Don't worry, the cat was fine.)

Do you think you can outsmart these crafty creatures and find the cat hidden in every one of these images?

This one is easy. Where’s the cat?

We’re still warming up, so this one shouldn’t be too hard. Where’s the cat?

This little guy is a little better at camouflage. Can you spot the cat?

Okay! You’re doing great so far, but let’s make it a little more difficult.

All I see is a collection of stuffed animals. No cats here.

There’s a cat somewhere in this mess…

This one isn’t too difficult, if you know where to look.

Looks like a simple pantry to me…

Down to the final stretch. Now things are going to get challenging!

Where could it possibly be hiding?

Now where are you hiding?

In a sea of sheep, can you spot the cat?