If You Have Done At Least 28 Of These 36 Things, Then You Are Definitely A ‘Cat Person’!

So, how many of these are YOU guilty of?

1. Taken selfies with your cat

2. Tried to hold your cat’s hand

3. Made other people adore your cat when they’re doing something cute

4. Avoided going to the toilet because your cat is sitting on you

5. Spoken to your cat even though they can’t talk back or understand what you’re saying

6. Spoken to your cat in a funny voice reserved just for them

7. Taken a picture of your cat whenever they’re doing something slightly out of the ordinary

8. Called your cat by a name other than their proper name

9. Felt betrayed if your cat sits on someone else’s lap

10. Held your cat to the mirror so they can see their reflection

11. Used your cat as a pillow, but “delicately”

12. Greeted your cat as you come through the door

13. Wished your cat goodnight

14. Blessed your cat after they sneezed

15. Slept in your bed with your cat

16. Gotten cat hair all over a black piece of clothing and not realised until you left the house

17. Had someone identify the fact you have a cat just by the hair on your clothes

18. Let your cat into the bathroom with you so they wouldn’t be alone outside

19. Had a debate with your cat about whether they want to be “in or out”

20. Continued using your laptop when your cat was sitting on half the keyboard

21. Tried to cuddle your cat even when they were clearly not into it

22. Chosen to stay in with your cat over socialising

23. Been offended when your cat didn’t answer you back

24. Turned into an overprotective parent after seeing your cat with another cat

25. Convinced yourself you knew exactly what your cat was meowing

26. Begged your cat for forgiveness after stepping on their paw

27. Interrupted your cat’s sleep to pet them or ask for their attention

28. Dressed your cat in something “cute”

29. Experienced a cat’s “death stare”

30. Held a photoshoot for your cat

31. Felt guilty about taking your cat to the vet

32. Designated a random spot as your cat’s area

33. Shared your human food with your cat

34. Had to defend your food from your cat

35. Had your toes nibbled on by your cat because they were out of the covers

36. Put up with regular cat attacks