Creepy or Cute? Cat & Dog Fur Turned into Sweaters & Scarves By Aussie Woman!

AUSTRALIA – Marion Wheatland could be called a ‘crazy cat lady’ or simply a ‘dog lover,’ but her love for pets has now turned into a money-maker thanks to high demand for her sweaters and scarves made out of animal fur.

The Melburnian explained that her products have become more popular in the past 12 months as people flock to have their pet fur turned into clothes.

“People think it’s creepy, but it’s not creepy,” Wheatland said to the Daily Mail. “People who think it’s creepy don’t have a pet, they don’t have a connection with an animal.”

The clothes maker states she has clients from all over Australia, with customers sending bags of their pet’s fur over for her to spin.

“Hair is personal and yet impersonal. People will have a photograph in a necklace, why not carry your pet around with you in a scarf?”

One client even got yarn made from her dog’s fur after the poodle died.

“It really broke my heart because I didn’t have anything from him,” May Battista said on the TV show The Project. “So when I got my new dog Mango, I just wanted to keep something because I know the lives of animals are very short.”

Wheatland doesn’t just stick to just cat and dog fur either.

She is also now experimenting with horse and bison fiber but said she has not tried using human hair yet.

Some dogs, however, prefer normal using yarn instead of using their own fur.