Case of Animal Abuse in Canada: ‘This Was Not Done by Any Animal’! – VIDEO!

CANADA – Faint meows from the bushes drew a man by the name of Wayne Dunham to his backyard justlast week. He was literally shocked by what he found hiding in the darkness, a stray cat fighting for its life.

“His throat was completely gaping . . . he was in really rough shape,” Dunham said to the CTV Kitchener.

Together, he and his daughter rushed the wounded cat to a local veterinary clinic. An examination revealed a gaping, infected three-inch wound right across the animal’s throat.

Veterinarian Robert Close explains he is certain the trauma was caused by human hands.

“There was no tearing at all. If it was a dog wound or bite. it would have been torn,” he stated. “It wouldn’t have been a straight line laceration.

Close performed a total of two surgeries to save the cat’s life. He says his patient has been remarkably resilient since the operations and he does expect the cat to make a full recovery.

Dunham had been feeding the unnamed stray cat in his backyard for about a month prior to the incident. He explained that the cat had vanished for about two weeks before returning with serious injuries.

Dunham and his family plans to adopt the cat once it has recuperated. They’ve selected the name “Will” – for his will to live.

“I think he will fit right in, he has an amazing little spirit. Despite what’s happened to him, he is a very happy little cat.”