Formerly Abused Boxer Gets Rescued Then Helps Save Mama Cat and Her 4 Kittens! – VIDEO!

GREECE – We have all basically been raised to assume that dogs and cats are mortal enemies. Just think back to all the cartoon cat/dog pairs that perpetuate the idea that these animals are diametrically opposed. We might not know exactly where these stereotypes originated, but we do know that they are hardly always true. Take the sweet and adorable pup/kitty family in this video for example.

Gina the Boxer was brutally abused by the people who once owned her. According to the video’s YouTube description, Gina was left chained outside the home 24/7 and she was regularly beaten. This poor pup had to helplessly stand by and watch as each of her puppies, one by one, drowned in the mud during a brutal winter. Her life was a living nightmare right up until the police intervened and rescued the pup. She was soon adopted thanks to the help of OrphanPet Greece. It wasn’t too long until Gina passed on this good deed by helping rescue another mama in need, a cat named Lucy and her four kittens. Gina was out for a walk when she alerted her caretaker to the meowing kitten family and soon they too were rescued and taken in for care.

Now, Gina, Lucy, and the kittens are all living together, learning to overcome the trauma of their early lives with the help of friendship!

As this story certainly proves, there is nothing that love and compassion can’t defeat. We could all learn a little lesson in kindness from this carefree, happy bunch!

To learn more about the organization that is currently caring for these animals and inquire about adopting one of Lucy’s kittens, go here: