Cat Likely Tossed Down Garbage Chute, Survives!

IOWA CITY, IOWA — It appears as though someone dumped a cat down a garbage chute at an apartment complex in Iowa City.

A Hawks Ridge maintenance worker spotted what he thought was a dead animal in a dumpster room, Thursday. The worker then called Maintenance Supervisor Allen Warson over to check it out .

“We were sitting there looking at it,” stated Warson. “Moved some stuff around. I saw it twitch. I said the cat isn’t dead. Let’s make sure he’s not injured or something like that.”

Warson found the cat completely buried under bags and bags of trash. The animal was scared and shaking, but it was otherwise unharmed.

Warson stated that the only way the cat could have gotten in the locked room was by way of the garbage chute, above the dumpster. He claims it could’ve been a long drop.

“If it would have come from third floor,” stated Warson, “by the time it got down here to the garage floor– four stories total.”

Warson said because the chute has a door, it’s almost impossible the animal crawled in on its own. The maintenance supervisor has absolutely no clue if the cat was thrown in on purpose, or by accident.

“I don’t know, you know? Could have been in a box that somebody threw out,” stated Warson. “He was sleeping, and they didn’t know it. It’s hard to tell how it happened.”

Warson then took the cat door to door, to see if anyone in the building would claim it but no one claimed it.

The cat was eventually taken over to Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center. It was there that the staff gave the little guy a checkup and his shots. The cat will be neutered and then likely be put up for adoption.