Cat Escapes From Home, And The Original Shelter Won’t Give Him Back To The Owner!

Rae Bees is a Chicago-based artist who certainly didn’t have the best month. For the past month, she’s been fighting in court for custody over her beloved cat! Reggie the cat (named after comedian Reggie Watts), escaped Bees’ home and went back to the shelter where he was adopted from.

The cat escaped Bees’ home just a day before Halloween, and Bees immediately called for help on Facebook with a meme. “i’m Reggie and i’m lost (again). i don’t have a collar. i coulda been catnapped. i will escape again,” the picture of the cat said.

Not long afterwards, the cat was identified on the streets of Chicago. Someone scanned her microchip and called Feline Friends, the organization Reggie was adopted from. Reggie was returned to the shelter, and after they looked up Rae Bees on Facebook, they decided not to give the cat back.

Bees adopted Reggie 5 years ago and signed a document which prohibited her from letting her cat outside. Bees’ FB profile was full of pictures of Reggie enjoying the sun in the garden, and there were also posts of asking for help for the missing cat before.

In her defense, Bees said that she doesn’t allow Reggie outside, but he always has a trick up in his sleeve which helps him escape. However, Feline Friends just won’t allow Bees to take Reggie back home, and the case is close to ending up in court.

The organization says that she breached the contract, but Bees’ attorneys say that the contract isn’t legally binding. “It’s not an enforceable contract,” Mariana Karampelas, one of Bees’ attorneys told the Chicago Tribune.

Until the case is settled, Bees is allowed to visit Reggie for an hour per week, and she’s set her mind on winning the custody battle for her beloved cat.

“I think [Feline Friends] thought that I was a simple art kid and would give him up like I didn’t care. But I am so adamant about trying to get him back. He’s like a family to me,” Bees said.