This Soldier And Kitty Have Been Inseparable For The Last 4 Years

As we all know, being a soldier and defending the country is not a simple job. Soldiers are constantly in grave dangers, and they must live far from home as well. According to data from health organizations, being a soldier is the most stressful job, and we have to agree. Considering all these factors, soldiers should find a way to cope with the everyday stress they’re under, and one soldier certainly knows how to relax.

Julie Cordes is a female soldier which uses her female cat Sophie as her emotional support. As soon as her daughter brought the cat home, they’ve been inseparable, and Cordes believes that her feline friend is the best stress-buster. As she says, she can’t imagine living without her.

Julie takes Sophie everywhere she goes, never leaving her behind.

The two have shared a powerful bond since Julie’s daughter brought in a cat at home.

“Not a long time afterwards, we soon became best buddies,” Julie says. “She has lived with me everywhere my job took me.”

Sophia is a lovely cat which gives the family a nice laugh and helps them relax. She understands Julie perfectly, and is always there to support and comfort her.

“She helps me stay sane,” Julie says. This is just another example of the unconditional love some cats and humans share.