Cat Finally Gets Rescued and Adopted, Doesn’t Seem Too Impressed!

FLORIDA – When you’re cursed with a forever angry face, you look entirely unenthused even when you’re actually overjoyed. Which puts a bit of a dampener on the biggest and most exciting moments.

However, there is one cat who understands your pain and his name – is Garfield.


Garfield had been cruelly abandoned in an empty house in Florida. The cat was living there with absolutely no food or water when Paul Tateosian and another person luckily came along to do an inspection of the home.

They discovered Garfield when the cat ran up for some attention.
He was meowing and hungry.


After trying to feed the cat some mango they found in the grass, one of the inspectors decided that the very best thing they could do was to adopt the kitty, name him Garfield, and simply take him home.

Which must have been a massive relief for poor kitty. However, his face didn’t quite capture how he felt on the inside.


Don’t worry Garfield – we know actually grateful and happy now!