Cat Found With Ears Sliced Off Along with Kittens in Derry

BELFAST, IRELAND – She was found in the Ballynamore Road in The Cross Derry area along with her two other surviving kittens.

The Rainbow Rehoming Centre said the cat’s ears were just like this when they found her.

The vet cleaned up the scabs when she arrived.

Rainbow have named the cat Leah and are continuing to treat her.

They were alerted to the incident after they received a phone call from a concerned member of the public about a stray cat that had been hanging around.

They are appealing to anyone in the area with information to get in touch.

Animal rights campaign group Northern Ireland says NO to Animal Cruelty, which has in the past held rallies in Belfast, said they can’t even “comprehend” the incident.

Posting on their Facebook they stated: “We simply cannot comprehend what pleasure some people can derive from inflicting such pain and torture on to a defenceless animal.

The sheer terror this wee one must have experienced, as she was being mutilated must have been immense.

“Cats tend to withdraw into themselves when they can’t get away to try and zone out from the reality they are in and you can almost still see the traumatized shock in her face.”