A Look Inside Southport’s Luxury Five Star Hotel – For Cats!

SOUTHPORT, NORTH WEST ENGLAND – Find out where the fanciest felines stay in luxury heated suites, enjoy a chauffeur service and keep in touch with owners via postcards and a photo diary.

A life of luxury comes as standard for anyone lucky enough to stay at any the world’s top hotels, and those checking in to the Longcroft in Southport can expect just the same!

The only difference is, it’s for cats.

While the hotel in Birkdale offers all the attention to detail you’d expect from any four or five-star resort – from a chauffeur collection to a bedtime turndown service – its guests are have four legs!

VIPs at one of Beverly Hill’s most exclusive hotels might get a monogrammed pillow each and every night but pussies in residence at Longcroft can choose a treat from the mini bar, washed down with an evening milky drink, with a complimentary goodnight cuddle.

The Longcroft, which is run by 51-year-old former teacher Harvey Summers, is just about to celebrate its first anniversary with an open day on April 16, and cat lovers from as far as Birmingham and The Lakes bring their pampered pusses to stay.

Guests – that’s what Harvey calls his feline residents – take up residence in one of five luxury heated suites, either on a standard or upgraded all-inclusive package, and he says it’s been about creating an appealing place for felines and their adoring owners.

“Cats get stressed easily, they’re very aware of their environment, so we put a lot of thought into creating the hotel, even down to the materials we used to make it,” he explains.

“We have all types of cats, from the most expensive pedigree to rescue, and we have to understand the different psychology of all of them. If a cat settles really quickly, it’s relaxed so the owner is relaxed.”

So, what do pampered Persians and mollycoddled kitties have to look forward to when they check in to the Longcroft? Here are six of their most indulgent treats…

1. A wedding breakfast
“We had a celebrity couple’s cats in over Christmas because they were going to New York to get married on New Year’s Eve,” says Harvey. “We followed the ceremony so when they were having their reception, the cats had their own wedding breakfast with us at the same time.”

2. Oatmeal shampoo, conditioner and detangling spray
“We partner with John Paul pet grooming products, which were created by the man behind Paul Mitchell luxury hair care. Obviously cats don’t like getting wet so the shampoo is a waterless one. On the bottles it says ‘tested on humans’!”

3. Bedtime turn-down service
“Cats sleep in their own wrought iron beds and as part of the all-inclusive package they can have an evening Milky Whiskers Turndown Service. They can choose a favourite bedtime treat from our mini bar, add creamy cat milk and finish with a cuddle.”

4. A chauffeur
“If someone wants their cat to be picked up by a chauffeur and brought here then taken home again, they can. That’s especially popular with owners who live in Liverpool, Chester and Manchester.”

5. Santa sacks
“It’s very busy here over Christmas because a lot of people go away, so our Santa delivered sacks of gifts for our guests with their names on, and we sent cards to their owners to arrive in time for Christmas morning.”

6. A La Cat menu
“We serve the a la cat food on fine bone china and dishes include our signature dish – six juicy king prawns, pan seared in a little olive oil – and slow steamed, carefully hand flaked salmon. At Christmas we offer poached turkey served with cranberry sauce and a pinch of caviar!”

So, if you’re a traveling cat or one that just needs to break from catching mice in your human’s backyard … then this is the place to be!