Cat Gets Busted Stealing Snacks from Kitchen Cupboard – But For What Will Shock You!

The cat in the clip at the end proves that nothing can get between it and some delicious snacks.

The sneaky kitty was caught red-pawed by its owner sniffing around the cupboard above the kitchen sink, knowing just where he needed to look to find the goods.

He goes right into the cupboard, either not knowing or simply ignoring the fact that his human was right behind him filming the whole thing.

The noisy rustling of bags can be heard as the enterprising cat tries to get his teeth into one of the snacks.

His first attempt is a complete failure, but the kitty is undaunted.

He quickly comes out of the cupboard to regroup and then once again paws at the knob to get the door open.

This time he’s gets it, quickly popping out with a large bag of Chex Mix.

He heads straight for the opening of the bag just as the owner shuts off the camera, clearly ready to put their cat’s mission to an end.