Rescued Tiger Cub Acts Like A Kitten After He Was Examined By Vets

This cute clip shows a tiny tiger cub behaving just like a kitten after he has been seized at border control.

You can clearly see the bengal kitten playfully biting and laying down as it allows its stomach to be tickled by the vets examining it.

At one point is actually appears to meow like a cat before adorably falling asleep.

The cute cub was seized at border control located in California and has since been re-homed at San Diego Zoo.

The cub has since been examined by Dr Jim Oosterhuis, who said: “”He does have teeth, they’re coming in.

“He’ll be teething in the next week or two. That will probably be a little chore for everybody.

“Get him through that. He’ll be chewing on everything.

“But otherwise, I listened to his heart. His heart and lungs sound good and overall he’s in pretty good shape.”

Vets who examined the cub have determined that the cub is five to six weeks old.

How adorable!