Cat Greets Alligator on Texas Porch! – VIDEO

RICHMOND, TEXAS — Seeing an alligator up close was a first for Allison Tonkin as she captured the moment on her cell.

“I thought it was awesome,” she stated. “I guess I should have been a bit more scared. I thought it was cool.”

It all started when her mother’s neighbor heard some scratching on their door.

“They looked outside they saw it was an alligator and I guess they kind of tracked it,” she went on to say.

See the entire encounter here:

The gator then stopped near their bush and stood still for quite some time just staring at a neighborhood cat.

“For a minute we thought we’d be saying goodbye to a kitty,” Allison said jokingly.

Then it noticed Lola, who was standing there inside the house on the other side of the glass door at the time.

“It was funny to see the cat’s reaction to it,” she concluded.