Cat Interrupts Meteorologist and Gets a New Job

We’re all used to seeing meteorologists deliver the latest weather news from the studio. Lately, many have been working from home due to the ongoing pandemic. However, no one expects a cat to deliver the weather news. Well, until now. A cat recently interrupted her owner meteorologist working from home and got a new job as a weathercat.

The fur-cast is certainly great for this feline. Named Betty, she’s the cat of NBA affiliate 14 News chief meteorologist Jeff Lyons. During the coronavirus pandemic, Jeff has been filming segments from home. Little did he know that his cute cat will be part of the setup.

After posting the video of his cat jumping in his arms, Jeff’s video went viral. Betty videobombed him once again when she was caught giving herself a bath during another video segment. As Jeff explained himself, most of the viewers are tuning in to watch the cat rather than him, but no one minds.

The only problem is that people are more interested in the cat rather than the weather. Listen to Jeff too – it may be cold out there tonight.