A Man Who Had 3 Cats Ended Up with 120 in Tiny Apartment

A Valencia animal shelter is currently looking for new homes for 120 cats after their owner was evicted from the premises for cat hoarding. The man had only 3 cats in the beginning, but that number would explode up to 120 as the cats reproduced inside his home. The 120 cats lived in his 100-square meter home until he was booted by SPAMA Safor.

After receiving anonymous calls about the situation, the animal shelter set out to investigate. They initially had information about 96 cats, but were shocked to find 120. The poor cats have never seen the light of day or had any veterinary care. Fortunately, they were not hungry – just scared.

Salvadora Thomas who works at the shelter says that they’re not vaccinating and neutering the cats so they can be rehomed. It’ll be a lengthy process, though, since the number is pretty high. The shelter doesn’t have the space for that many cats since there are already 200 waiting for new homes.

Here’s hoping that they all find a loving home soon.