Kitten Simply Won’t Stop Clinging To Owner’s Pants But Then – A Fluffy Cat Comes To The Rescue

Baby animals are always up for some fun or an exciting game. Sometimes, however, they can get a little too rowdy. That was precisely what happened when one owner tried to make breakfast, but his tiny kitten kept goofing around.

In the video clip below, which was posted on April 19, 2017, a little black and white kitten named Kodi walks up to his owner and pounced on the back of his leg. The tiny feline decides he is going to play around with his owner and bite the back of his red flannel pajama pants.

The owner realizes what his kitten is doing immediately and says, “Oh, no! Don’t do this now. Get down!”

Kodi proceeds to scale up his owner’s legs despite being told to stop. For a moment, the owner wiggles his leg around and finally separates his leg from the baby cat’s clutches.

Not for long, however.

It isn’t long before Kodi is back in action, climbing up his owner’s right leg like it’s a mountain. No matter what the owner seems to do or say, Kodi just doesn’t listen and continues playing his game.

Suddenly, a fluffy black cat quickly storms in and chases the mischievous kitten into the corner. They both then just stare at each other for a minute. The large cat named Shorty thinks Kodi needs a little time out for not listening to his owner — which more than likely begins with a quick chase around the room per feline tradition.

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