Take A Look At These Notes Left By A Woman For Her Cat-Sitter – We Found Them Hilarious!

We all leave our pets with a sitter while on vacation. In this case, most of us also leave a note if the pet has special needs, including food or god forbid, medical issues. Gail Burgess, a proud mom of 4 cats went even further with this. She left Jack, Cooper, Poots, and Lucy with a pet-sitter, writing a note about their very specific needs. See, all the cats have different and unique personalities, so Gail wrote quite extensive notes on each one.

Poots’ note was first. Although shy, Poots is pretty friendly to strangers and likes to be rubbed on the belly. Gail also noted she likes sitting in the lap. Poots is getting along great with Lucy and Cooper but hates Jack – that obviously needed to be addressed.

Jack, as Gail wrote in the note, was the most skittish of the cats. “He’ll enter every door he sees open, including the closet, where he often gets locked.”

Lucy is the friendliest of the 4. She loves eating grass, however, even when it doesn’t agree with her stomach. Like Gail wrote, Lucy is a puker.

Cooper is the quietest of the bunch – he’s not bad, but he keeps to himself. He eats the most and will eat everyone’s food if there’s none for him.

While Gail was away on vacation, her daughter went to check the cats. She found the notes her mom made and shared her with Allison, her sister. Allison posted the notes online and the tweet went viral.

Gail enjoyed her vacation but couldn’t wait to see her cats. She claims she never liked cats, but after one helped her with depression, she fell in love with them.

Gail now loves her 4 cats more than anything, which is why her notes were so detailed. Cute, isn’t it?