These Hilarious Cats Are High On Catnip!

Cats love catnip – it’s their drug. If you own a cat, you probably observed its reaction to catnip at least once. Whenever they see the plant, they act like crazy around it and it is certainly a funny experience.

Below you can see 10 cats that are high on catnip – vote for your favorite in the comments section below.

1. This cat just couldn’t have enough of it, so his friend stepped in to help him with some of it.

2. When you find the biggest secret of all times, that is how you react. This creature is the happiest one alive at the moment.

3. This kitty was so shocked that he couldn’t believe that it was happening for real.

4. This kitty has to be kept away from catnip for a long, long time before he can get back to it again.

5. The kitty can find it anywhere, no matter where you hide it. The kitty is a real spy.

6. What happened to the kitty? Is he too high or living his last moments?

7. When you are finally enlightened after all the years of struggle and never want to get back to being normal ever again.

8. The kitty finally learned the game of cards. His curiosity didn’t let him wait for long.

9. It looks like the kitty met a friend from his past and the two are having some serious conversation.

10. These hoomans don’t know a single thing about us and then they say that they love us. I pity such love. This is why they are always in trouble when it comes to handling their relations. They need to learn a lot from us.