Cat That Ran Away from Pet Store After Dog Attack Finally …

NEW YORK – A pet store cat has finally been reunited with her owner Tuesday after a customer’s dog dragged it from the shop and left it missing for hours.

Prissy, who is a 6-year-old gray tabby with white paws and bright green eyes, was dragged out of Who’s Your Doggy at 354 Myrtle Ave. around 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, according to store manager whose name is Julia Rosenfeld.

She explained a customer was in the store with two dogs when they went after Prissy. The customer was trying to get the dogs out of the store when one grabbed poor Prissy in its mouth and took her outside.

A store employee was able to get ahold of Prissy for just a quick second, but the cat got scared and ran off on Myrtle Avenue toward Carlton Avenue, Rosenfeld said.


While Prissy didn’t seem to be at all injured, she was likely spooked when she took off since the cat has never tried to leave the store before, Rosenfeld stated.

“We think she’s sort of petrified — she’s never been attacked by a dog or been out of the store before,” the manager added.

The store’s other cat, a male gray tabby named Bella who’s “in love” with Prissy, was left behind, Rosenfeld went on to say..

While the two cats usually always spend their nights together, during the day Prissy is the social one, hogging the store’s counter and greeting customers while Bella will perch high up on shelves to avoid the commotion.

However, after the attack, Bella was skulking around staff members instead of hiding away.

“I don’t know if he notices she’s gone,” Rosenfeld stated. “He’s here, which is unusual.”

Rosenfeld explained that once Prissy moved into the store, Bella couldn’t be separated from her.

Prissy had been abandoned by its original owner and taken to Brooklyn Animal Control back in 2013. She was mistaken for another cat and sent to a vet to be euthanized, according to Rosenfeld. But when the vet realized she had been mistaken for a different cat, Prissy then landed at the Brooklyn Cat Cafe which was based at Who’s Your Doggy.

When the cat cafe changed location at the end of 2015, Prissy stayed behind — and Bella, who was already there, fell head over paws for her.

“Bella never likes any other cats,” Rosenfeld stated. “We had other cats occasionally, and Bella has hated all of them, but for some reason, we think at first he had a crush on Prissy and now he loves her.”

Prissy, on the other hand, is so entirely friendly that she’s become the customer favorite.


“She loves everyone and gives kisses to kids,” Rosenfeld explained.

Bella and Prissy were reunited just before 2:30 p.m. Tuesday after Rosenfeld found her curled up in a basement two doors down from the store.

“She seems totally fine,” Rosenfeld added.

As for Bella, he was seen following her all around the store.