RIP Ser Pounce: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Cat Likely Didn’t Survive The Season 6 Finale!

The season six finale of Game of Thrones showed quite a number of main characters literally go up in flames, as Cersei enacted her plot to wipe out all her enemies in one fell swoop.

Of course, there were also a number of innocent men and woman caught in the crossfire, too. Whether it be the crowd of noblemen and women inside the Sept of Baelor when it exploded in a ball of wildfire or the peasants on the outside of the Sept crushed by the rain of debris from the blast, Cersei took no prisoners (well, she took one) in her ascension to the Iron Throne.

However, there was one additional casualty which fans may have not have realized: Ser Pounce, who is the cat of King Tommen and Queen Margaery. According to Tommen actor Dean-Charles Chapman on Making Game of Thrones, Ser Pounce quite likely didn’t survive the blast once the Sept exploded. When asked what had become of the cat since viewers last saw him, Chapman replies:

“He probably got a girlfriend and got married … And probably got caught up in the Sept blast, unfortunately,” .

That’s terribly unfortunate, especially considering that Ser Pounce’s scene-stealing moment proved to be one of Chapman’s own favorite scenes as Tommen.

“I’d probably choose the Ser Pounce scene in ‘Oathkeeper,'” he explains. “That was my first day, so that meant a lot to me. It’s an iconic scene for Tommen with Ser Pounce and Margaery. It was a long, hard day because the cat was a bit of a diva.”

Now, there is a slight chance Ser Pounce could still be roaming king’s landing. After all, Chapman does say Ser Pounce “probably” got caught up in the blast, not “definitely” got caught in it. However, with King’s Landing in chaos and Tommen dead, perhaps Ser Pounce’s chances of survival wouldn’t have been that great anyway.

The show’s season six finale proved to be one of the truly most memorable hours of the show to date. From Cersei’s revenge to the always-entertaining Lyanna Mormont, the episode put all of the pieces in place for the show’s rapidly-approaching end-game, while also delivering on the moments fans had waited to see for quite awhile. You can read more about the season finale, including how it just may have revealed a long-kept secret regarding Jon Snow.