Kitten Lost Her Best Friend – What Her Human Did to Make Her Feel Better Will Warm Your Heart!

We have seen so many stories of cats and dogs who have put their differences aside and became best friends, however, this story of a cat and dog friendship is unlike any we’ve seen before. Scout the kitten was brought into the home of Charlie the dog when she was just about 5 and a half weeks old.

Whether Charlie had a say in the matter or not is totally unknown, however, Scout curled herself right in the middle of Charlie’s lap and just like that their friendship was set.

Scout refused to sleep as a kitten unless Charlie was right there at her side for cuddles.

The huge world can be scary as a small kitten, but with a trusty dog BFF everything is better.

Charlie was an older dog, so he completely seemed to understand and appreciate Scout’s love of naps.

These two did absolutely everything together.

Wherever Scout went, Charlie was soon to follow.

One of Scout’s most favorite things was smelling Charlie’s ears.

Sadly, Charlie the dog developed cancer and eventually passed away. Both Scout and her guardian were completely heart broken. And so, Scout’s guardian set up an iPad on Charlie’s dog bed and played videos of him for Scout.

Even though this would never be the same as having the real Charlie, Scout still wanted to cuddle.

Scout totally misses Charlie, and we know that their friendship will far outlast any constraint of time.

Rest in peace, poor Charlie!