Cat Returns Home with a Dangerous Note Slapped on its Collar

A pet cat named Gandalf recently went outside of its home and was gone for an hour. It was a usual routine for the grey cat who always returned home. He returned this time too, albeit with a peculiar note attached to his collar.

The white-gray Bengal and Russian Blue cat lives in a home in Bridgend, Wales. The cat is 4 years old and has been known to wander outside and return in a couple of hours. This time, however, he returned with a post-it note on his collar carrying a warning.

The note was written in quite a strange way and warned the owner to keep the cat at home. Apparently, Gandalf has been roaming into neighboring houses and stealing food from tables. The author said that he was fed up with Gandalf’s behavior and threatened to take him far away somewhere should he return.

Gandalf’s owner Chris was rightfully scared by the message and promises to keep his beloved cat at home from now on. He considers Gandalf a very social cat so he was worried about the comments. The 4-year old even has a “Do not feed” on his collar so others would not give him food – he was getting quite large recently as it is.

Chris was concerned about the note as he makes sure Gandalf is taken care of. He’s always well fed, he has monthly flea treatments, and is regularly washed. Who could have been so fed up with such a sociable cat?