This Special Kitten Gets the Perfect Parents

This tiny kitten was born with twisted legs and was checked into the Life Rescue Network shelter in LA not long ago. The kitten was born with contracted tendons and ligaments in its front legs which led to the twisting. Vets didn’t give it big chances to survive. However, it managed to beat all odds and even find a new home.

Zane and Mel Lamprey are volunteers who have stepped up to help the poor kitten. They gave her the name Quill and quickly found out she was quite a cuddle bug. As soon as they took Quill in, they started with physical therapy. They were sure they could help her legs. They warmed them every day and gave Quill a nice leg massage to relax the tendons and ligaments and help the bones grow.

Very soon, Quill will be receiving splints that will improve the kitty’s range of motion. The kitten plays nice with her physio every day and doesn’t complain at all.

The chocolate fur-ball gets plenty of cuddles from her new parents too. She’s silly and sweet – just the way Mel and Zane like it.

The couple knows what its doing. They already have an older foster cat named Chester they nursed back to health from a very rough beginning. They saved Chester when his odds were pretty low and are hoping to do the same with Quill. Chester helps his new baby brother and we’re really rooting for things to turn out nicely in the end.