Thugs Who Set Their Dog on an Innocent Cat Receive Death Threats After Being Caught on Tape!

After a footage of two idiots who set their vicious dog on a cat was released online, they’ve been getting death threats by animal vigilantes who promise swift action. They are both fearing for their life now, but what they did was seriously wrong.

A CCTV camera shows the thugs luring out a kitty called Sully with a stick before setting their dog on him. The body of the poor kitty was found in bushes nearby his home, when one of the morons threw the remains of the cat over a wall. The owner was traumatized and reported the case to the police. After the footage of the two 15 and 17-aged boys circulated online, police officers apprehended them and they appeared in a court in South Wales a few days ago, admitting the gruesome murder.

The boys will go nowhere near animals for 10 years and were also given a 12-month referral order.

Sully’s owners, who want to remain anonymous, are heartbroken. They’ve had the cat for 12 years and the gruesome act really shook them to the core. Locals identified the boys after the video was released and issued death threats against the pair. The South Wales police didn’t want to comment on the threats, but said they will protect the boys if need be.

The police are considering the crime a pre-meditated attack and have taken away the vicious dog. He’s now under the care of RSPCA where the staff are hoping to find him a new home, preferably with loving and caring owners.