Cat Sees Something Out of the Window and Meows for Help!

Chloe Sargent is an Australian resident who owns a cat called Kitty Pryde. One day while Chloe was working from home, she couldn’t help but notice that her cat started meowing without reason. It went on for quite a long time and Chloe was unsure what riled the kitty. Kitty Pryde was standing on a window ledge and looking outside. Chloe came close in the hope of finding out what the problem is and she was amazed by the sight.

A tiny white kitten was stuck on a high stairwell, not knowing how to get down to the ground. The kitty was trapped in in the back of a neighboring building and was meowing just like Kitty Pryde.

It was obviously scared and in need of help, meowing as much as it could. Chloe immediately went to the spot and knocked on the apartment, but no one was home. Trespassing in the apartment’s backyard, Chloe decided to take matters into her own hands. Here’s what she tweeted after the kitty was saved:

Once it calmed down, Chloe went to take the kitten to a vet. On her way downtown, she spotted a ‘Lost Cat’ poster. The sign described the kitten exactly and Chloe immediately called the number. The kitten’s owner met Chloe right away and was thrilled to have his kitty home. It was happy as well.

The kitty was named Mimsy and it was deaf – that’s why it meowed so loud. He got the kitten only a few days ago and had taken it out in the backyard so she could ‘use’ the bathroom. However, the kitty seemed to disappear almost instantly and the owner couldn’t find Mimsy anywhere.

He was grateful that Chloe found his beloved pet and Chloe was happy for that reunion. Chloe and the owner exchanged numbers so she could visit Mimsy sometimes and went back to cuddle with Kitty Pryde. If it hadn’t been for the cat, Mimsy’s fate could have quickly turned sour.