This Cat Sneaks Into a Zoo – Wait Until You See Why!

Something is completely melting hearts in Siberia and across the globe. It’s the story of an odd friendship that formed despite all odds and one that traverses species.

A calico cat was discovered sneaking into the Leningrad, (St. Petersburg,) Zoo in Russia. According to KFOR, the stray was hungry and snuck in apparently to steal food.

The cat then just so happened to be breaking into the lynx enclosure and what resulted when the two animals met face to face was something no one could have predicted and they became completely inseparable.

Stray cat sneaks into zoo enclosure, finds another cat

The lynx accepted the calico as her very own kind and the resulting snuggle-fest, which you can catch a glimpse of in the video below, is sure to melt your heart.

The domestic kitty and the lynx quickly became BFFs and were soon caught hanging out together by the zoo staff.

In the end the zoo staff finally decided to adopt the little stray cat as their own (or more accurately, as the lynx’s own,) and keep her with her new best bud.