Firefighters Free Cat from Storm Drain … by Using WHAT???

MASSACHUSETTS – It wasn’t the usual tale of a cat stuck up inside a tree. Instead, Winchendon firefighters found themselves having to use dish soap to rescue a cat whose head was stuck in a storm drain grate.


Winchendon firefighters responded to Maple Street to find a 1-year-old cat that had somehow gotten her head wedged in a grate when she tried to make her way out of a storm drain.


“When we arrived, the cat was barely breathing and moving as she was hanging from the gate,” firefighters posted on the Winchendon Fire Department Facebook page.


Firefighters need to remove the gate and stand it upright so the cat could breathe.


Crews then went on to use dish soap, applying it around the cat’s neck, and worked her head back out of the grate.


Winchendon firefighters are calling it a “very unusual rescue,” but, in the end, a “feel good animal story.”

Happy endings make us all feel good, don’t they?