Signs That Indicate Your Cat Loves You

Cats are not known for being loving animals. They don’t express love like dogs and can be pretty wild sometimes. However, according to experts, cats express love just like all other animals. They just do it in unconventional ways.

Our cats and pets are part of the family. Although seen as aloof, cats are complex creatures that can communicate with their owners in a variety of ways. They have their own language we need to understand. Once you learn how to read the signs, you’ll recognize that your cat loves you just as much as you love her.

Here are some signs you should pay attention to:


Does your cat headbutt your arm often? This kind of light snuggle is a sign they love you. Cats bump heads only with members of the same social group. It’s a sign of love and respect that shows you two are family. In cat language, this stands for love.

Soft Eye Contact

Direct eye contact from a cat, as we all know, is not a sign of anything good. If, however, your cat looks at you with soft and relaxed eyes, it’s a sign that it loves you.


If your cat licks you often, congrats – you two are best buds. Cats only lick other members of their social group. It’s how they establish a bond with others and means that you’re a part of the family.


Does your cat meow often to you? If she does, it’s a sign that she loves you. Cats chat with their owners quite a bit and rarely do so with other cats. If that’s the case with yours, it means that you’re best buds.


Kneading is another way cats express love in. They will never knead on someone who they’re not fond of. In cat language, this means love and respect.