Catty Cape Breton Art Project Draws Attention to Abandoned and Feral Cats

NOVA SCOTIA – They’re colorful, larger than life and they’re literally springing up at storefronts and on sidewalks all over the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.They’re all part of the Catwalk Show of Art, raising awareness of abandoned and feral cats.

“It’s amazing to see it come to life,” stated Deana Lloy, vice-president of the Feral and Abandoned Cat Society and chair of the Catwalk Show Campaign.The feline statues can’t be missed, at just over one meter tall, greeting people outside a bank, at a hotel, a restaurant and other places.Local artists created and painted these unique designs for each of the statues.Lloy explains while it’s lots of fun, the goal is serious.”We really need to educate a large number of the public, that they really need to step up and start helping us to prevent unwanted litters of kittens.”

Angela Mercer Penny is just one of the artists.

She owns a horse stable and she used one of her own barn cats who were the inspiration for the Cowboy cat.

“I wanted to just have a fun cat; he was a mouser, so if you check the back pocket of his jeans, he’s got a little mouse hidden in there as well,” she stated.

She says she was very happy to help.

There’s lots more to come

“It may be a conversation piece to see all these statues and I’m hoping that it just brings more awareness to their cause,” said Mercer Penny.

There will be 24 cats in total, with a new one unveiled every day until the end of June.

Many people are already looking around the CBRM for the statues, including Carol Anne Steeves.

“The cats around the city are really cool,” she stated. “I think it’s pretty awesome. I’m a cat lover myself; I have three rescues.”

The statues will be on display until the middle of this coming September, then auctioned off.

Lloy is quite excited about the impact of the project.

“Bringing a positive twist to it and to see so many people out there happy to see these cat statues — so excited over the artwork — people are getting it and they are listening.”