‘She’s My Hero’, says Turkish Woman About the Cat Who Saved Her From Being Raped

A 19-year-old-woman who was almost raped by her step-nephew but was saved thanks to her cat’s intervention. She said in an interview conducted on Sunday that “Minnoş” was her “hero.”

“I was faced with a butcher, pervert. He could have killed me, but my cat’s attacking him saved my life. She is my hero,” she said.

The woman made these comments during an interview with the Doğan news agency (DHA).

In 2014, the man, given the alias S.B., tried to rape his step-aunt, H.T., in 2014 during a visit to her home in Turkey’s southeastern city of Diyarbakır. While the two were having breakfast, the 20-year-old man told the 18-year-old woman that H.T. was not his biological aunt and that they could be together, after which S.B. started attacking her.

As H.T. resisted S.B. and a struggle began between the two, H.T.’s cat got scared and jumped on S.B. The cat’s interference wiin the situation helped the victim enough … giving her time to escape.

In November 2015, a Turkish court handed down a seven-and-a-half-year imprisonment to this step-nephew for “sexual abuse.”

H.T, in the meantime, moved to another city with her husband as she was “mentally depressed”, she said during Sunday’s interview. During this time, she reportedly got more and more attached to her now three-year-old cat, of Angora breed.

The woman said, “The cat’s mother died, when Minnoş was only 15-20 days old, and so they had to take her in.”

“Minnoş sees me as her mother,” H.T. reportedly said.

The beautiful Angora cat has also helped her own father during his struggle with cancer, the woman further said.

“My father — who was going through a cancer treatment – was always playing with her, which made him happy. She was like a therapy for him,” H.T. said.

H.T. finished her words by saying that her husband and her cat’s love for her is what healed her in the long run, indicating her satisfaction with the penalty the convicted got for his crime.