Man Saves Kitten, and She Immediately Claims Him As Family

A wonderfully kind man discovered this black beauty stuck in the rim of a tire.

Once he freed her, she immediately claimed him as her forever human!

“She is now part of my family. Her name is Captain Shadow,” the man told Love Meow.


Brandon heard her frantic meows and when he looked down from the car, he noticed the poor wee one struggling to break free.

“The kitten was meowing, quite loudly for such a tiny thing. When I got her out she immediately started meowing happily and rubbing against my legs,” Brandon said.

The poor black cat was wearing a bandana and that’s what actually ended up getting her caught up in the rim of the wheel.


“It was actually what got her stuck in the wheel to begin with. I removed it as soon as I got home (had to cut it off).”

“I picked her up and flipped her over to check boy or girl (little did I know it’s really hard to tell) and she started purring. I was holding her like a baby and she fell asleep.”

“She was cold and wet so I went to my car and wrapped her in a soft cozy blanket (my son’s) and turned on the heat. She warned up quickly and started climbing on my shoulder.”

“She wasn’t microchipped (she will be), and I am near that area every day, and will keep a look out for posters/signs.” Brandon took the 11-week-old kitten home and would adopt her if no one came to claim her.

“I’ll be really lucky if I don’t find the owner. I’ve grown attached already. She slept on my chest all night. Kinda reminded me of when I was married and had an arm draped across my chest at night. Very comforting.”


Love at first sight! We here at The Best Cat Page wish Brandon and his new princess the best of luck for a happy future together!

Photo credits: BRANDON, /U/ARSHEM │ Source