Carnegie the Library Cat Brings Joy to Patrons of All Ages!

BRAZIL, INDIANA – Carnegie is more than just some cat, he’s more like a goodwill ambassador at the Brazil Public Library.

1-min“He loves meeting people,” Children’s Librarian Tammy Robison said about her coworker who spends a lot of time by the front door. “I think he thinks he’s a human.”

While some kitties are very skittish with a lot of people around, Robison said Carnegie enjoys the company of patrons and exploring the library.

“Carnegie hangs out most of the time on the lower level, but he will follow people upstairs or ride in the elevator with them,” Robison said. “He is a very unique cat. He loves riding in the elevator and really enjoys riding in the book cart.”

Library cats can be found worldwide. The practice dates all the way back to the temple libraries of ancient Egypt. At that time, they were kept around for rodent control, but contemporary library cats help create a more relaxing environment and are used in marketing, children’s activities and reading/literacy programs among many other things.

Whether taking a nap among the books, playing in cardboard boxes or roaming around outside for some fresh air in his screened-in pet house, Carnegie is always ready to greet new visitors. Coworkers say many people of all ages come to the library just to visit him.


“There’s a person, who is from Africa, and whenever they are in the area to visit family they stop by to see him,” Robison said. “He’s got his own fan club.”

The friendly feline is named after businessman and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, who once provided grant money to build the library in 1902.


The completed library, which is reportedly the only one in the United States with Andrew Carnegie’s initials carved in the limestone, was dedicated back in October 1904.

On April 25, Carnegie, who staff members estimate is about five-years-old, will celebrate his birthday and third anniversary at the library.


The event starts at 11:30 a.m. with cake and punch to be made available, while children can make a “Carnegie” craft.

Instead of gifts, Carnegie’s coworkers are accepting donations for the Clay County Humane Shelter which desperately needs wet/dry pet food for all ages of cats/dogs, cat litter, food bowls, leashes, cleaning supplies and toys. They may all be dropped off at the library during April.


Happy Birthday, Carnegie!