Feral Cat Delivers Her Litter of Kittens in a Hockey Team’s Equipment Bag – Right at The Arena!

SOUTH KOREA – “So I had babies in your equipment bag. You got something to say about that?”

“I will now be nice enough to let you humans help them”

Mama is obviously feeling quite satisfied with the situation – as she should be. This calico mama cat was the resident stray outside a hockey rink located in South Korea. She evidently somehow climbed into an equipment room to have her babies in one of the players’ bags.


The team believes the kittens could not have been there for more than three days when they discovered them.


Most stray and feral cats are not at all friendly with people around their babies, but this confident young lady seemed to understand that she was going to need some extra support.

The men brought the new family some food and water. An older man who takes care of the rink and lives nearby, took them all – bag and baggage – to his home to be looked after.

This is one smart mom knew just what she was doing.

No wonder she has that look – she knows she made all the right choices for her and her babies!