Chubby cat strolls into Tesco to steal some treats and take a nap

If you’ve ever owned a chubby cat, you know they get what they want. The cat you can see on the pics wanted biscuits, so he went to get them all by himself. The beautiful white cat was spotted at a local Tesco store a week ago – he walked in at the shop at 9 AM and immediately went to the pet food aisle.

After a bit of browsing, he knocked over a box of cat biscuits and took a nap on it! A customer noticed the amusing scene and took pictures of the cat.

“I came across a white cat napping on a pet food box and asked the cashier about it. She said that the cat was a regular,” the woman said laughing.

No one knows where the cat came from, but it was chilling for sure. Take a look at the picture – it seems like he doesn’t care at all. The woman posted the pic on Facebook and it went viral almost in a few hours.