Complete ‘Stranger’ Gives Up $2,771 To Help The Injured Cat Who Saved A Woman’s Life!

UNITED KINGDOM – A woman who insists her cat saved her from suicide “cried with happiness” when a stranger gave her $2,771 for it to have a life-saving operation.

Annamarie Day fully credits her tabby cat Tumba with saving her life when she sank into a deep depression several years ago, and was distraught when he simply went missing on New Year’s Day this year.

Tumba then turned up about six days later in a terrible state, having suffered major injuries to his jaw, nose and eye, and needed an operation which cost almost $4157!

However, within just days of the News reporting on Annamarie’s appeal for help with her vet’s bills our generous readers stepped up to help, with one anonymous donor giving an incredible lump sum of $2,771.

She stated: “I have no words to express how grateful I am for wishes, prayers and donations.”

Mrs Day set up a JustGiving page when Tumba returned in his completely battered state, hoping for assistance with paying expensive vet bills, and said the response had been amazing.

She would otherwise have now been able to afford the treatment, as she has been out of work for several years owing to mental health issues.

From the beginning, she has posted regular updates of Tumba’s treatment, and has put pictures of the vet’s bills on the fundraising page.

The mother-of-two, who lives in Ely, inherited Tumba from her mother, and claims he inspired her to keep going during a difficult time in her life.

She stated to the News: “I was made redundant, had to sell my house, and then my mum got cancer, where I took care of her for five years before she died.

“Then I found out I wasn’t well.”

She had been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, a mental health problem associated with depression and self-harming.

“It got to the point where I wanted to take my own life,” she stated.

However, her husband Stephen Day, who had been caring for her at the time and still does, reminded her of “her duty” to look after her cats, including Tumba.

Tumba is currently under the vet’s care but Mrs Day has been able to visit him, and on Tuesday said that he gave his first meow – a sign that he is getting back to his old self.

Annamarie’s JustGiving page has since raised over $4,157, while one reader has also contacted the News offering to contribute $692 directly to the vet.

Mrs Day emphasized just how grateful she is for everyone’s support, saying that in particular after the largest donation she “just screamed” and “cried with happiness”.

Just goes to show you, there surely ARE good people out there!