Cat Discovers Printer and Tries to Make It Work – With A Hilarious Voice-over!

Whenever cats catch sight of something for the first time they tend to act a little bit strange. The adorable cat in the video you are about to see discovers printer and tries everything she can to make it work.

Curiosity always seems to get the best out of our cats and this cat is no exception. Cats always want to explore and get close to everything we have in our house. Whether or not it’s actually a good idea it doesn’t matter, because they will get close to it, sniff it and if they are in the mood, give it a bunch of slaps.

The voice over in the video is absolutely brilliant and makes the clip even funnier than it already is. The cat appears to be quite angry at the printer for no reason. She is so absolutely upset at it, that she gives it a lot of slaps and when she goes berserk in the end, she literally got what she was asking for.


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