Could Teddy, This Cat In Australia – Now Be The World’s Oldest Cat?

AUSTRALIA – This senior kitty, whose name is Teddy, certainly is out to prove cats really do have nine lives.

At the grand old age of 26 — which is about 120 in cat years — Teddy is possibly the world’s oldest living cat.

Werribee owner Fran English rescued Teddy back in 2014 after his original owner moved to an elderly home.

Despite his age, Ms. English went on to say that Teddy is the boss of the house, spending his days sleeping, exploring and strangely, showering.


“I think he would have been a little monster when he was younger because he’s always on the go,” she stated

“He has a daily shower which he loves, he’s fascinated by water, he’d stay in there 24/7 if he could.

“He’s an intelligent little man and he works his way into everybody’s heart with his outgoing personality.”

According to council records and information retrieved from his microchip Teddy was actually born on March 21, 1991.

Ms. English believes that he might just be the oldest living cat and is currently in the process of applying for a Guinness World Record.

For his age, Teddy is in great shape, suffering only from osteoarthritis and graying hair.

Ms. English hosted a 26th birthday bash for her beloved feline earlier this year and actually plans to throw an even bigger party if he makes it to 30.

Teddy also knows he’s quite special, purring with delight at all the attention he receives from visitors and the kids living in his street.

He even has his own Facebook page — Teddy KittyCat — which is filled with pictures of his daily activities, as well as updates on his health.

The oldest cat in the history of the world was a feline called Creme Puff who was born on August 3, 1967 and lived until August 6, 2005 — an astonishing 38 years and three days.