Monsters Covered This Cat in Concrete But Today She Looks Completely …

Human’s cruelty certainly has no boundaries. In this particular case, the victim was a cat in concrete who is really lucky to stay alive without any permanent damage.

This whole story is set in Bristol, England. It started when one morning Faye Richards got a surprise on her front door. When she walked up close enough to the thing that looked like a ball of packing tape, she was completely shocked.

The brown ‘thing’ was actually a cat who was all covered up in concrete. The concrete on the poor cat got hardened on the face and on the back and the poor cat was in absolute agony.

The poor cat was cold and shivering and he didn’t resist when she picked him up.

As a cat owner herself, Faye just new that she needed to hurry up and do something about it and she rushed to the nearest vet. At The Vet Bristol, the poor baby was finally taken care of and his fur was completely shaven off.

The concrete that had dried on his face made him unable to open his eyes. They both needed to be flushed out since there was some residue of concrete. The two-year-old cat was lucky enough to not have breathed in the cement dust and so thankfully, there was no respiratory damage.

Many people were claiming to be Grant’s owners, however, strangely enough, none had any proof.

There was, however, one person who wanted to give ‘Grant’ all the love in the world and that was his doctor Adam Sheridan.

And so, this great doctor gave Grant the forever home he so needed!

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